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BAAS, s.r.o. precise machinery production / We produce:


BAAS, s.r.o. precise machinery production / Guarantee of quality:

Design of parts and devices (machines)
Production ISO 9001 Certification
Quality inspection 3D parts measurement
Surface treatment
Assembly of units

BAAS, s.r.o. precise machinery production / We provide:

Assembly and installation of devices
General overhauls


BAAS, s.r.o. precise machinery production

We are company producing on orders. We are engaged in the field of machinery already for more than 15 years. Our main activity is machinery production on orders.

The BAAS, s.r.o. Company has been established in 1996 as a family company, focused on the production of special precise machinery parts for the rubber industry. In course of last few years we have widened the production range for the needs of metallurgical, foodstuffs, paper and automotive industries. Our production management is provided starting from technical preparation up to final inspection. Currently we have available a workforce team of 35 people on a floor space of 1100 m2.

In order to increase our competitiveness we focus our activities in BAAS, s.r.o. continuously on renewal and perfection of our machinery stock, investment construction and innovation of IT-technologies, with aim to keep our customers and provide better conditions for acquisition of new business partners.

Machinery as an industrial branch, is engaged in the application of physical principles on analysis, production and maintenance of machine equipments. Specialists in BAAS, s.r.o. utilize mentioned principles and their specialist knowledge in course of preparation of technological procedures, solution of design tasks and machinery production itself. Our aim is the satisfaction of specific customer requirements, and at the same time we prefer individual approach to technical project solutions.

The machinery stock of BAAS, s.r.o. allows machining of metals, i.e. turning, milling, circular grinding, surface grinding, welding, precise drilling, electro-erosive cutting, CNC-machining (milling machines, turning lathes). We cover general overhauls, overall assembly of devices and provide for all kinds of thermal and surface treatments of materials.

We offer precise machinery production, production of parts, production of single-purpose technological equipment, production of spare parts pursuant to drawings, metals machining (turning, milling), production of industrial knives, production of conveyers and clamping fixtures for rubber, foodstuffs and metallurgical industries.

This year is for BAAS, s.r.o. also a continuation of set out trend aiming further development and preservation of quality management system in accordance with STN EN ISO 9001:2009 / EN ISO 9001:2008.


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